Snow, Japanese James Bond and Mountains

1 Feb

Photo Credit: Diari d'Andorra

A couple of weeks ago, Andorrans saw something new on their streets and in their hotels; film crews. In other cities, I’ve seen this many times, the trucks, the equipment, the lights, the crowd of curious bystanders, but this time was slightly different. Described as a Japanese James Bond thriller, a crew set up for a couple of weeks in Andorra to shoot various scenes in two locations. And as usually happens when filming on location, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate.  In an unusually dry week, snow machines were brought in to cover sidewalks and streets. And it worked, the Japanese were very happy with their newly discovered filming location. Locals bent over backwards for them and people waited patiently in their cars while streets were blocked.

So, for many producers, Andorra is new and exotic, the unknown country deep within the Pyrenees. Or, why not the new Switzerland?  As labour costs rise in Europe, shooting with local crews in the Alps is expensive.  Think of Andorra as stunt double for the Alps. Andorra has snow (well almost always…), mountains, chalets, ski resorts, and 300 days of sunshine. What more could you need for your next action adventure, thriller, drama or romantic comedy?

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